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  1. Okinawa Churashima Foundation Research Center
	Okinawa Churashima Foundation Research Center
About us


Efforts for World Natural Heritage Site Registration made by the Okinawa Churashima Foundation

The Okinawa Churashima Foundation has for over 40 years operated and managed Okinawa’s national government parks accomplishing research leading to new knowledge of Okinawa’s subtropical plants and animals, technological development, and public awareness. The foundation aims to respond to environmental problems and crises, preserve the natural environment of Okinawa, utilize historical culture, and promote sustainable regional development.

Developments by local communities, residents and private businesses are being made with the goal to register Amami and Okinawa as a World Natural Heritage Site and to further environmental conservation and regional development after registration.

To solve problems, and build a sustainable management system, Okinawa Churashima Foundation will outline measures to be taken and how to contribute in the future.