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  1. Environmental conservation

Environmental conservation

In order to protect and pass on the beautiful natural environment, we support conservation activities while also promoting environmental conservation through investigative research on biodiversity and rare plants and animals.

Eco-coupons to support environmental conservation activities

We give out eco-coupons to people who have participated in beach cleaning or activities to prevent red clay outflow with the hope of having as many people as possible develop an awareness of the importance of the natural environment.

*Eco-coupons serve as admission tickets to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.


  • 2013: 13 organizations and 15 activities (13 beach cleanings and 2 red clay overflow prevention)
  • 2014: 5 organizations and 13 activities (10 beach cleanings and 3 red clay overflow prevention)

nitiatives in research on and preservation of marine eco-diversity

We contribute to conservation of natural ecosystems and their sustainable use through research on biodiversity of tropical and subtropical marine life and research on their physiological and ecological characteristics.
We also contribute to saving species by conducting conservational, reproductive, and biological research on rare marine life such as corals, sea turtle, large elasmobranchs, and cetaceans.

  • Research on corals

  • What are Online corals?

  • Research on Online corals

  • About the Online sea vegetables

  • Photos from research on egg-spawning

  • State of investigation on plecoglossus altivelis ryukyuensis

Survey on protection of Okinawa-origin endangered and rare species of plants

Protective activities through research on kalanchoe integra and development of their horticultural variety

We are surveying the natural habitat of endangered plants published on the Okinawa prefectural version of the Red Data Book (published in 2006) and their environment and the state of their facing the threat of extinction. In addition, we contribute to the conservation of germplasm, ecosystems, and biodiversity by harvesting their seeds, conducting breeding and nurturing experiments, and accumulating knowledge on the state of their growth in their natural habitats as well as breeding and cultivating techniques.

  • List of rare plants in Okinawa Prefecture
  • Development of a new variety series, “Churara,” using the germplasm of the endangered species, kalanchoe integra
  • Research condition of wild orchids

  • Nago orchids (Sedirea japonica)

  • Developed species Churara

Survey on bee plants

We investigate the characteristics of bee plants that grow natively in Okinawa (such as thistle). By widely spreading knowledge about the plants through creating pictorial guides, hosting seminars and public lectures, and holding classes, we promote shaping of the flower and greenery scenery utilizing bee plants as well as environmental conservation.

*Bee plants: Plants from which honey bees collect the nectar to create honey

  • Honey bee

  • Placement of hive boxes

  • Pamphlet

Investigative research concerning heirloom plants related to the people and life of Okinawa

We promote passing on Okinawan culture and conserving the environment through conducting research on plants that are sung about in folksongs such as traditional Okinawan songs and creating handbooks about their use and cultivation methods.

  • Exhibitions

  • Lending sampling material

  • Bracken basket