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Okinawa Churashima Foundation RESEARCH CENTER

Overview of the Research Center

Director the Research Center

Vice Director

Executive Director of OCF

Research adviser

Research on subtropical plants

Research activity report

Introduction of research staff

Atsushi Abe

Hiroyuki Sato

Kensei Akai

Sangthong Ratchada

Aiko Suzuki

Tomoko Matsubara

Ken Tokuhara

Introduction of publications

List of plants and specimens

Studies of Marine Animals

Research activity report

A paper has been published concerning the respiratory system of embryonic dogfishes.

A paper has been published concerning oocyte maturity and the concentration of blood hormones in female whale sharks.

The eggs from a mother turtle killed in a traffic accident were artificially incubated, hatched, and then released

Publication of a paper concerning vitellogenesis and estrus of the sea turtle (Hawksbill turtle).

Publication of a paper concerning semen evaluation of sea turtle (Hawksbill turtle)

Publication of a paper concerning the oviposition of sea turtles.

Publication of a paper concerning the reproductive mode of tiger sharks.

2015 Okinawa Humpback Whale Conference 〜Pursuing the Mysteries of Whale Songs〜

Research meeting: “Physiology of Cartilaginous Fishes (Chondrichthyes) and Developments in Reproduction Research”

Publication of research into the sedentary behavior of coconut crabs

Publication of a paper concerning new record of Oceania armat

Publication of an article on the reproductive behavior of humpback whales

Publication of article on the feeding behavior of the goblin shark Mitsukurina owstoni

Publication of an article on the mysterious reproductive mode of the great white shark.

Paper published on the astonishingly strong claws of coconut crabs.

Great white sharks have embryonic teeth! X-ray CT scan images clarify the mysterious growth processes of great white shark embryos

Scientific paper published on the appearance of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the waters near Amami Oshima.

Scientific paper published concerning the local movements of humpback whales in Okinawan waters

Scientific paper published concerning distribution characteristic of humpback whale

Scientific paper published on Okinawa’s rare freshwater fishes the Oriental weatherfish and Asian swamp eel.

How do the white shark embryos receive oxygen without placenta?

Breeding success of captive black turtle!!

Scientific paper published on the mating behaviors of loggerhead turtles.

A baby false killer whale is born!

The Mammal Society of Japan Journalism Award received for scientific paper on the distribution of humpback whales around Okinawa

A third generation of loggerhead sea turtles was born!

Publication of Scientific Paper on the Successful Captive Breeding of Black Turtles

2017 Okinawa Humpback Whale Conference was held at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum to discuss “Sustaining Whale Watching Businesses in Okinawa”

Implementation of artificial intelligence for coconut crab research

Publication of a scientific paper on the first Japanese record of the (Kawa-umihebi) Lamnostoma mindorum (Actinopterygii: Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae)

Publication of a paper on the first Japanese record of a rare grenadier Coelorinchus sheni

Google Voyager story features the humpback whale surveys conducted by the Churashima Foundation

World’s first confirmation of sexual maturity in a Alfred manta ray, Mobula alfredi, by long-term monitoring!!

Publication of a scientific paper on the captive delivery of a tiger shark

Publication of a scientific paper on the collection of the jellyfish Sanderia malayensis from the Ryukyu Archipelago, Okinawa.

Publication of a scientific paper on the long-distance movement of a hawksbill turtle from Okinawa to Indonesia

Embryo swims from one uterus to the other! Publication of a scientific paper on the embryonic behavior of a captive tawny nurse shark

A world’s first! Successful captive breeding, producing a third generation of hawksbill sea turtles!

A lecture on humpback whale research is available to watch on YouTube

Research on the coconut crab broadcast on NETFLIX

URM Fish Collection

Proceedings of Symposia

Research staff profile

Shin-ichiro Oka

Ryo Nozu

Masaru Nakamura

Haruna Okabe

Kei Miyamoto

Keiichi Sato

Isao Kawazu

Keiichi Ueda

Taketeru Tomita

Nozomi Kobayashi

Rui Matsumoto

Makio Yanagisawa

Surveys of the humpback whale

Research on maritime culture

Efforts for the promotion of public awareness

Event Information

Dispatch of instructors, Acceptance of training courses

Staff Profile

Konomi Maeda

Mizuho Suzuki

Hidenobu Itai

Moritaka Nishihira

Chihiro Izumi

Saori Kino

Hajime Igei

Hiromi Yamamoto

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