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Research on marine organisms

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Isao Kawazu

Isao Kawazu, Ph.D.

Area of expertise Reproductive biology and ecology of sea turtles
Research content Reproductive biology and research on artificial insemination of sea turtles
Reproductive ecology of sea turtles


  • 2001 - Bachelor of Fisheries Science, Nagasaki University, Japan
  • 2003 - Graduate School of Science and Technology (M.Sc.) at Nagasaki University, Japan
  • 2003 - Served at the Ocean Exposition Commemorative Park Management Foundation
  • 2013 - Current post at the Okinawa Churashima Foundation Research Center
  • 2015 - Ph. D. in Fisheries Science at Nagasaki University, Japan (doctorate by way of dissertation)

Essays, Reports

  • Yamaguchi Y, Kawazu I, Samson R. 2001. Effects of current directions on the approaching process in a baited pot of mantis shrimp Oratosquilla oratoria. UPV Journal of Natural Sciences 6: 24–33.
  • Yamaguchi Y, Kawazu I. 2002. Preliminary Studies on Catch Forecast of Yellowtail (Seriala quinqueradiata) Caught by a Set Net off Nomozaki, Nagasaki Japan, Proceedings of International Commemorative Symposium 70th Anniversary of The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science. 1980–1983.
  • Suzuki K, Noda J, Yanagisawa M, Kawazu I, Sera K, Fukui D, Asakawa M, Yokota H. 2012. Particle-Induced X-ray Emission Analysis of Elements in Plasma from Wild and Captive Sea Turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata, Chelonia mydas, and Caretta caretta) in Okinawa, Japan. Biological Trace Element Research 148: 302–308.
  • Suzuki K, Noda J, Yanagisawa M, Kawazu I, Sera K, Fukui D, Asakawa M, Yokota H. 2012. Relationships between Curved Carapace Sizes and Plasma Major and Trace Element Status in Captive Hawksbill Sea Turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata). The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 74: 1677–1680.
  • Kawazu I, Maeda K, Kino M, Oka S. 2013. Structure of the Loggerhead Turtle Assemblage in Okinawan Waters Estimated from Variation in Body Size and Blood Profile. Current Herpetology 32(2): 190–196.
  • Kawazu I, Suzuki M, Maeda K, Kino M, Koyago M, Moriyoshi M, Nakada K, Sawamukai Y. 2014. Ovulation induction with follicle-stimulating hormone administration in Hawksbill turtles Eretmochelys imbricata. Current Herpetology 33(1): 88–93.
  • Kawazu I, Maeda K, Koyago M, Nakada K, Sawamukai Y. 2014. Semen evaluation of captive hawksbill turtles. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 13(2):271-278.
  • Kawazu I, Kino M, Maeda K, Yamaguchi Y, Sawamukai Y. 2014.Induction of oviposition by the administration of oxytocin in hawksbill turtles. Zoological Science 31(12):831-835.
  • Kawazu I, Kino M, Maeda K, Teruya H. 2015. Age and body size of captive hawksbill turtles at the onset of follicular development. Zoo Biology 34:178-182.
  • Kawazu I, Kino M, Yanagisawa M, Maeda K, Nakada K, Yamaguchi Y, Sawamukai Y. 2015. Signals of vitellogenesis and estrus in female hawksbill turtles. Zoological Science. 32(1):114-118.
  • Kawazu I, Okabe H. 2014. Mating Season of Loggerhead Turtles in Western Waters of Okinawa Island, Umigame Newsletter of Japan 100:2-7. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Kawazu I, Maeda K, Kino M, Koyago M, Sawamukai Y. 2015. Optimal intervals for semen collection by electro-ejaculation in Hawkbill turtles. Journal of Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums 56: 9-14. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Kawazu I, Kayou M, Maeda Y. 2014. A Loggerhead turtle with a remigration interval of one year: first record from Jashiki Kunigami of Okinawa Island, Japan. Umigame Newsletter of Japan 100:17-21. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Kayou M, Kawazu I. 2014. Observation of a nesting loggerhead turtle with a missing rear flipper, Umigame Newsletter of Japan 100:21-25. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Kino M, Kawazu I. 2014. A stranding report of a young juvenile Olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) at Yagajijima Island, Okinawa, Umigame Newsletter of Japan 100:7-11. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Matsumoto K, Suzuki M, Kawazu I. A stranding report of leatherback turtle at Okinawajima Island.. Umigame Newsletter of Japan. in press
  • Miyazato S,Umemoto H,Fukukawa Y,Miyamoto K, Kawazu I. Confirmation of loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) ingesting porcupine fish (Diodon sp.) Umigame Newsletter of Japan. in press

Affiliated academic society

  • The Sea Turtle Association of Japan
  • The Zoological Society of Japan
  • The Herpetological Society of Japan, etc.
  • Member of editorial board of “ Umigame Newsletter of Japan”