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Okinawa Churashima RESEARCH CENTER

Research on marine organisms

Research staff profile

Masanori Nonaka

Masanori Nonaka, Ph.D.

(Vice Director)

Area of expertise Biology and Taxonomy of Octocorals
Research content Systematic studies of Japanese Precious Corals. Reproductive biology of Precious Corals in Ryukyu archipelago.


  • 1989 - Science of Oceanography in University of the Ryukyus
  • 1989 - Okinawa Expo Aquarium
  • 2002 - Ocean Exposition Commemorative Park Management Foundation (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium)
  • 2012 - Ph.D. at University of the Ryukyus
  • 2017 - Current post at the Okinawa Churashima Research Center

Research papers, publications

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  • Reimer, J.D., Nonaka, M., Sinniger, F., Iwase, F. (2008) Morphological and molecular characterization of a new genus and new species of parazoanthid (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) associated with Japanese red coral (Paracorallium japonicum) in southern Japan. Coral Reefs. 27: 935–949.
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  • Reimer, J.D., Higashiji, T., Nonaka, M. (2016) First record of the genus Sphenopus (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) from Japan. Fauna Ryukyuana 29: 37–40.

Affiliated academic society

  • The Zoological Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology
  • The Japanese Coral Reef Society
  • The Biological Society of Okinawa
  • The Japanese Society for Coral Taxonomy
  • The Nippon Cnidarian (Ctenophore) Biologists