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Vice Director

Masanori Nonaka

Masanori Nonaka, Ph.D.

(Vice Director / Senior Research Scientist)

Area of expertise Biology and Taxonomy of Octocorals
Research content Systematic studies of Japanese Precious Corals. Reproductive biology of Precious Corals in Ryukyu archipelago.


  • 1989 - Science of Oceanography in University of the Ryukyus
  • 1989 - Okinawa Expo Aquarium
  • 2002 - Ocean Exposition Commemorative Park Management Foundation (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium)
  • 2012 - Ph.D. at University of the Ryukyus
  • 2017 - Current post at the Okinawa Churashima Research Center

Research papers, publications

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  • Reimer, J.D., Higashiji, T., Nonaka, M. (2016) First record of the genus Sphenopus (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) from Japan. Fauna Ryukyuana 29: 37–40.

Affiliated academic society

  • The Zoological Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology
  • The Japanese Coral Reef Society
  • The Biological Society of Okinawa
  • The Japanese Society for Coral Taxonomy
  • The Nippon Cnidarian (Ctenophore) Biologists