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Research on marine organisms

Proceedings of Symposia

Proceedings of Symposia

Proceedings of symposia hosted by Okinawa Churashima Foundation are available for download.

1.Proceedings of an International Symposium - Into the Unknown, Researching Mysterious Deep-sea Animals, 2007.
Editor: Senzo Uchida, 2010.

Page 1-4

  • Cover pages (PDF)

Page 5-21

  • Behavior and habitat selection of deep-sea fishes:a methodological perspective(PDF)
    Franz Uiblein, Fernando Bordes, Pascal Lorance, Jørgen G. Nielsen, David Shale,Marsh J. Youngbluth & Rupert Wienerroither

Page 22 – 42

  • Observations of mesopelagic large squids in the wildusing recently developed underwater visual equipment(PDF)
    Tsunemi Kubodera

Page 43 – 52

  • Diving and foraging behavior of toothed whales: Do toothed whales compete for prey in the deep sea?(PDF)
    Yasuhiko Naito & Yoko Mitani

Page 53 – 68


  • Meso- and bathypelagic fish interactions with seamounts and mid-ocean ridges(PDF)
    Tracey T. Sutton, Filipe M. Porteiro, John K. Horne and Cairistiona I. H. Anderson

Page 69 – 83

  • Biology of the Megamouth Shark,Megachasma pelagios (Lamniformes: Megachasmidae)(PDF)
    Kazuhiro Nakaya

Page 84 – 127

  • Jewels of the deep sea - Precious Corals(PDF)
    Masanori Nonaka & Katherine Muzik

Page 128 – 136

  • Debunking an urban legend of the deep sea:The queen of the abyss and her contribution to ceratioid anglerfish biology.(PDF)
    Toshiro Saruwatari

Page 137 – 143

  • Using the SGPT chamber for field sampling and long-term captivity of deep demersal fishes from tropical waters(PDF)
    Keiichi Sato, Atsushi Kaneko & Minoru Toda

Page 144 – 153

  • "Mysteries of the Deep" a temporary exhibit ofdeepwater animals of Monterey Canyon.(PDF)
    Charles Farwell

Page 154 – 179

  • Reprinted abstracts of an International SymposiumInto the Unknown, Researching MysteriousDeep-Sea Animals, 2007, Okinawa, Japan.(PDF)

2.Proceeding of the International Symposium - Reproduction of Marine Life, Birth of New Life!
Investigating the Mysteries of Reproduction, February 21-22, 2009.
Editor: Keiichi Sato, 2013.

Page 1-4

  • Cover pages (PDF)

Page 5-12

  • How many species of living sharks, skates and rays are there, and how did they arise over the course of evolution? (PDF)
    Gavin Naylor and Neil Aschliman

Page 13-22

  • Aspects of placentation systems in the scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini, and the manta ray, Manta birostris(PDF)
    Hiroaki Soma et al.

Page 23-40

  • Captive reproduction of sea turtles: An important success story(PDF)
    David Wm. Owens and Gaëlle Blanvillain

Page 41-51

  • Conservation of Amazonian manatees in Brazil with emphasis on reproductive aspects (PDF)
    Miriam Marmontel

Page 52-69

  • A primer on shark reproduction for aquarists (PDF)
    Jose I. Castro

Page 70-76

  • Artificial production of Japanese eel Anguilla japonica (in Japanese) (PDF)
    Hideki Tanaka