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Okinawa Churashima RESEARCH CENTER

Research on marine organisms

URM Fish Collection

URM Fish Specimen Collection

Overview of the collection

The URM Fish Collection was established by Dr. Tetsuo Yoshino of the University of the Ryukyu’s since the 1960’s, and was replaced to our foundation in 2011 with the retirement of Dr. Tetsuo Yoshino.

Usage guidance

Responsible research scientists and graduate students at academic or research institutions may borrow specimens from the collection for scientific purposes. Students who wish to use our specimens must have a letter of loan request from supervisor. Visitors can also use the laboratory equipment to observe the specimens at our facility.

  • Loans of specimens are made for an initial period of 1 year from date of loan.
  • Type specimens must be observed in our facility only.
  • Depending on their conditions, the specimens may not be permitted to loan.
  • Please contact the POC below if you wish to borrow or visit us to observe specimens.

Basic data

Collection date is noted in the specimen log in handwriting, and is currently being digitalized. We are continuing to update the database and open to the public as they are updated.

PDF of the collection database available here

  • Catalog numbers 0001-42000, which have been entered as of October 11, 2013, are open to the public at this time.
  • Some data, such as the location details of the collection, is not available in consideration for the preservation of the local populations of rare species.
  • Contents essentially correspond to the notes in the specimen log. Therefore, old scientific names may be used in some cases.
  • Please do not use the list of collection for purposes other than searching for specimen data.